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Vicorva's draxel

Welcome to the Draxel Adoption Center! If you're curious what this is about, there's a FAQ below the adoption nest.

If you would like to adopt one of these draxel eggs, contact Cal (that's me!) on the fediverse about it! I'll ask you a couple questions and you'll be good to go.

The Nest

No eggs available; check back tomorrow!


except no one's asked any yet

What are draxels?

The short version: individually-drawn pixel dragons that will 'grow up' over time. This used to be a fairly common sort of thing, but the closest you can find these days are sites like the Dragon Cave, which are largely automated and more focused on care-taking, breeding simulations and finding "rare" critters.

Draxels, on the other hand, require no "care" whatsoever. Once you adopt a draxel, it will grow up on its own time.

Why should I want one, then?

Well, because it's a surprise, for one thing.

Also, unlike the more automated sites, there isn't a fixed set of types or artworks to "collect", no range of rarities limiting your draxels to drive you to find more and get one of the "special" ones. And, while many of the draxels will wind up sharing what's called a base in their artwork or may, while still young or unhatched, look similar or the same, every draxel is unique. Every draxel as of adolescence has its own unique appearance.

But what can I do with a draxel?

Share it! Do you have your own website? Hotlink to the draxel's image so people can check in to see if it's changed - or, if you've adopted multiple, set up a whole page just to show them all off! And for less flexible places like your social media account(s), you can put the link to your adopted draxel's page in your profile or in a pinned message. Or wherever you like! Admire them, write stories about them, speculate with your friends about how they'll grow up - whatever your heart desires.

Can I adopt a draxel for someone else?

Technically yes, but I'll need to be convinced that they're on board. By the same token, you can given one of your adopted draxels to someone else at any point, so long as they agree to adopt it from you.

I adopted a draxel but it's still an egg??

Draxel eggs can take anywhere from 3-5 days to hatch, so you'll need to be patient.

If it's been more than a week since you adopted it, though, let me know - something probably went wrong and your draxel will need special care.

How long does it take for a draxel to grow?

As draxels mature, their growth happens more slowly. Hatching from an egg takes only a few days, but growing from a hatchling to a fledgeling can take as long as two weeks - and fledgelings don't grow to adolescents for at least a month. You won't know for sure when a draxel is going to grow until it does.

When will my draxel be fully grown?

An excellent question. It is said that a dragon never stops growing....

Where did the name "draxel" come from?

Honestly, it's just dragon + pixel, because they're pixel dragons. But it sure sounds cool, doesn't it!